Cravify™ Connecticut: Satisfy Your Cravings with Premier Delivery Services

Welcome to Cravify, your go-to source for fast, reliable, and eco-friendly delivery services across Connecticut. From fresh meals and essential groceries to the latest fashion and bespoke personal shopping, we bring convenience directly to your doorstep. Explore a world where your needs are met with just a few clicks.


Delivering Your Cravings Directly to Your Doorstep in Wallingford, CT and Meriden, CT

**Explore Top-Quality Delivery Services Across Connecticut**Cravify is your ultimate solution for fast and reliable delivery in Connecticut. Whether you're in Wallingford, Meriden, or coming soon anywhere in Connecticut, experience the convenience of ordering from any local store or through your favorite place's online ordering service. Simply let us know what you need or the pickup info, and we'll pick it up and deliver it directly.


We take a smaller cut, pay local retail partners more, and pay local delivery drivers and gig workers 100% of their delivery pay to driver fee and 100% of all tips. All while ensuring competitive pricing for delivery users in Wallingford and Meriden, Connecticut.
$200 New driver bonus available to qualified new drivers who pre-apply

  • New Driving Partners & Gig workers earn 100% of the delivery partner pay at checkout, plus 100% of all driver tips, and a $200.00 bonus after completing a certain number of drives!

    *See terms for more details

  • Customer Rewards Program:

    Benefit from our rewards program which further enhances your savings easily applied at checkout.

  • Restaurants & Retail Stores:

    We're offering industry leading payouts to businesses of all sizes. New partners can take advantage of special long-term contracts (cancel anytime) ranging from just 10% to up to -5% payouts for qualifying businesses per order with no additional fees and credit card processing included.
Crave & Save

Our Services Include

Food and Grocery Delivery:

Craving a gourmet meal or need pantry staples? Select from top-rated local eateries and grocery stores for prompt delivery.

Retail Delivery:

Crave a wardrobe update? Our retail delivery service covers all your shopping needs, from clothing to electronics.

Personal Shopping Assistance:

Can't find what you're looking for? Let our expert personal shoppers help you satisfy any specific cravings.

Ordering is Easy

*Whether you order by phone, text, or through your favorite store's online service, we make it easy. Just text us the order details and we'll pre-approve the purchase amount for delivery.

Secure payment can be made by phone, text, or through our online platform, ensuring the highest standards of security with advanced enterprise-grade solutions including end-to-end encryption and best practices including industry leading partnerships.