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We already do everything we can to ensure you get your products without inflated prices and with absolutely zero hidden fees.

On top of that, you can save even more by using our rewards points toward future orders.

- Earn 25 Crave Points for signing up (1 time per customer)

- Earn 1 point per ever $1.00 Spent

- Earn 25 Points for every 3 Orders

- Earn extra bonus points for helpful feedback

- Earn 50 Reward points per confirmed new user referrals

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Get $250

Delivery Partners: get 60% of all delivery fees + 100% of their tips. Just complete a set number of deliveries to unlock bonuses.

Limited Time Bonus for All New Delivery Partners:
Earn $250 in new driver bonuses!

Our Stackable $25, $50, $75, $100 bonus offer is available for new drivers (active delivery partners.)

That's on top of those attractive 60/40 earnings on fees plus 100% of the tips.

Retail stores & Restaurants

Get your deliveries for free!
We're changing the game with our unlimited 0% fees for all retail partners!
Really. Stores of all sizes can save big with Cravify. We even offer added bonuses and deals for large chains and businesses in financial need! No hidden fees, just free delivery. That means retailers don't even have to raise their prices on our platform!

***Exclusions and restrictions may apply to all offers. Check our website terms or offer details for more information***

Tasty breakfast on the bed
Cravify your morning

Make breakfast extra special for your loved ones by creating a personalized breakfast in bed. With a little creativity and planning, you can transform your mornings and make the most of your time with your loved ones. Or, just use our services to save time and money.

A businessman eating sandwich in car showroom

We offer free pickup and delivery services for your lunch needs to your home or office. Our vast experience in the food industry ensures a delightful experience that exceeds your expectations. Group orders and other useful features make our service stand out!

Portrait of family eating festive dinner at home
Winner, winner. Chicken dinner!

Why settle for mediocre when you can have it all with Cravify?! Order from two restaurants in one go and indulge in your favorite dishes, while your little munchkins devour their nugget-sized delights. No more mealtime compromises, we've got you covered!


Choose & enjoy

Cravify powered delivery brings retail stores to you and helps your local community in the process!

Hot homemade Pepperoni pizza
Connecticut Knows pizza

CT doesn't mess around when it comes to pizza. That's why we always make sure to offer our low-cost services wherever possible.

cropped shot of person eating french fries with ketchup and using smartphone with trading courses at
FAST-FOOD, on-the-go

We do fast-food right. We make sure its fast, affordable, and wherever you need it to be. Stop wasting money with other apps!

same day clothing & More

Personal shoppers get you just what you need, at just the right price. Plus, we can get your order same-day and even same-hour!

Savory Homemade Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich
Lunchify your day

Save time and money! With group orders and cart saving, you can soak in the memories with your family or co-workers of choice.

Coffee to go with croissants
Breakfast love

Breakfast is all about starting your day off right. You'll know you make the right choice with our great deals and community building.

filet mignon steak with lobster tail surf and turf meal
Join the finer things club

Indulge yourself with our great flavors at the most competitive prices. Get more luxury without the extra costs and hidden fees.

Trolley in grocery store

We make grocery delivery affordable and personalized. Put a pause on those long lines!

Plastic toy blocks on the white table in the store
Toys and games

We're parents, we get it...Toy stores can be... Tough. Why not simplify it all with us?

Tasty and delicious food for pet, pet accessories
pet food and supplies

We're all about catering to your furriest family members. We're not just talking about dad!

Baby pacifier and diapers in the crib, close-up.

All the essentials

We help you get local products, fast! From last minute essentials to electronics, if you need it, our partnered shoppers can get it for you for a reasonable price.

Go Ahead... Pick Your Favorite Spot. Our Partner Drivers Deliver!

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